About the Campaign

Open Badges: 10 Million Better Futures is a commitment to scale up the existing badge ecosystem to a national level to benefit 10 million workers and students by 2016.

Some K-12 schools, out of school programs, colleges and universities, and businesses and professional organizations already are using badges to certify and award skills and achievements that cannot adequately be measured by today’s standardized tests and traditional resumes or diplomas. Whether it’s video-editing skills gained in an out-of-school program, emergency medical training obtained during an overseas military assignment, or web programming or early childhood teaching skills learned on the job, badges can help learners get the recognition and certifications they deserve while helping employers hire and promote workers who have the creative, technical and higher-order thinking skills in demand in today’s economy.

The founding partners of this initiative –- the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla, and HASTAC –- have worked for several years to create the digital platforms needed to transform badging into a trusted, secure and portable certification process. With a fledgling ecosystem in place, the time is ripe for expansion. The founding partners are committed to providing the information and technical assistance needed to help business, professional, and academic institutions across the country incorporate badges into their hiring, promotion, admissions, and certification processes.